Harpenden Colts FC

Harpenden Colts FC - West Herts Youth League

West Herts Youth League Liaison Officer
League Liaison:
Fixture Secretary for League:


Protest fee 


Not represented at Meeting 

£30.00 first meeting; £50.00 and written explanation for second. 

Not represented at AGM 


Not represented at SGM 


Not represented at SGM after requesting SGM 


Fines not paid within fourteen (14) days 


Failure to deal with League Business/correspondence 

Committee Decision 

Playing an ineligible player 

Up to £100.00 plus deduction of points 

Failure to notify cancellation to League within 21 days of fixture 

£25.00 plus possible loss of points 

Failure to phone results though on time 

£10.00 for each offence 

Failure to notify opponents match details on or before Tuesday prior to a match 

£10.00 for each offence 

Home team failing to change shirts when colour clash occurs 

Not less than £5.00 

Team not ready for kick-off at appointed time 


Responsible for three (3) late kick-offs in any season 

£5.00 for each offence 

Failure to provide Records of players and matches in which they play 

Up to £20.00 

Failure to submit result /match details online 


Incomplete/incorrect result cards 


Withdrawal after AGM and before start of season 

Not exceeding £20.00 

Withdrawal after the start of season 

Up to £100.00 

Late return of Trophies 


Returned trophies without engraving of name & year 

Not less than £10.00 

Failure to produce registration cards 

Committee decision and 

possible points deducted 

Home Club failing to provide goal nets and corner flags & 


£5.00 minimum 

Failure to provide referee with match ball at least fifteen (15) minutes before match 


Failure to advise league of squad details for final ties less than 14 days before final date 


Reports submitted to newspaper/websites not considered 

conducive to the good of the game 


Any other matter not mentioned above 

Committee decision