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Harpenden Colts FC - Safeguarding

Child Welfare Officers & Key Contacts
Steve Chapman - childwelfare@harpendencolts.com Tel 07962320568
Liz Attenborough - lizattenborough@outlook.com Tel 07930865205
Sallyann Boschetti - salboschetti@live.co.uk

Club Safeguarding Advice Video for new coaches and volunteers

Please contact either Steve or Liz or Sallyann in the event of any concerns regarding child safety/welfare or the FA Respect campaign.

Alternatively if you do not feel comfortable approaching a club official you can contact Herts FA Designated Safeguarding Officer
Tel 01462 650215 / 07538 990836
CHILDLINE, www.childline.org.uk, Tel 0800 1111 or NSPCC 0800 500 5000 or CEOP https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/

If you have concerns within the club or in general about drugs, knife crime and county lines contact the Welfare Team or the Gangs & Schools Team CYPgangsandschools@herts.pnn.police.uk / 01438 757409.  Below is further information on this subject.
Gangs and Knife Crimes and County Lines - Info Sheet

FA Rule Changes 2019/20 - Sin Bins
See these links for all you need to know about the FA's new Sin Bin rules this season...

Sin Bins Temporary Dismissals infographic.pdf

HCFC Dissent and Sin Bin Guide - season 2019-20.pdf
Head Injuries, Concussion, Epi-pen Advice, Coronavirus
Please refer to the details in this section should a player suffer a head injury or concussion.  This section is intended to provide information on how to recognise concussion and on how concussion should be managed from the time of injury through to safe return to football.

Safely Manage Head Injuries and Concussion

The FA's Concussion Guidelines

Pocket Recognition Tool Concussion

Harpenden Colts Inury Report (Including Head Injury) Form.docx

- If you have a player in your squad who suffers a head injury with or without suspected concussion during training or in a match, it's imperative that you inform the player's parents or carer of such an incident as soon as possible. In addition the coach contacts the Year Group Lead and the Child Welfare Team providing name, squad and details of the incident.
Coaches - In the event of concussion/suspected concussion, also request that parents inform the player's school and any other contacts with responsibility for caring for that individual while they are in the rest period of recovery from concussion. The rest period after a concussion injury is a minimum of 14 days when that person must rest from any sports activities, such as PE.

Epi-pen Advice
Currently or in the future you may have a player in your squad with a severe allergy that once triggered, may require an epi-pen to be administered. The FA Emergency Aid course does not cover how to administer an epi-pen. In severe allergic reactions, an epi-pen would need to be administered as soon as possible and training on how to give this medication is important.

If you carry an epi-pen in your first aid kit for a player and you have that player's parents consent to use it during an emergency but you still wish to know more about the correct method of administering an epi-pen, please access the free course in the link below.


Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Update
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