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Harpenden Colts FC - Referee Mentoring

Club Refereeing Policy
Clubs Refereeing Policy

See attached for the Clubs Refereeing Policy.  Any questions secretary@harpendencolts.com or refereeing@harpendencolts.com

Document is pending FMC approval ….. 

Guide for Adult Volunteering Referees
See attached for a useful guide for Adults who have offered to volunteer as a referee
Referee Worksheet for Volunteer Referees - 2020-21

Role & Responsibility of the Club Referee Mentor - refereeing@harpendencolts.com

  • Mentor / Support all club referees and adult volunteer referees

  • Support club members in qualifying as a referee

  • Support newly qualified referees through their 5 qualifying matches

  • Support all qualified referees

    • Issues / Questions

    • Submitting cautions / dismissals / misconduct reports to the FA

  • Work with the FA to arrange

    • Annual Club Assistant Referee training (Linesperson)

    • Annual Parent Volunteering Referee Training

  • General Support of Coaches/Volunteers Referee in regards of “Adult Volunteer” (non-qualified)

    • Laminate with basic advice / tips / contacts

  • Where possible referee a game that has historical issues and the League have not assigned a referee.

  • Where possible / required attend games to watch / support the trainee or qualified referees.

  • The role is not the provisioning of /arranging referees for matches that have not been allocated a referee by the league

  • Maintain the club referee database of trainee / qualified referees

    • Current or previous member; member siblings / parents / carers

    • Annually ensuring qualified referees have registered for the season/have in date DBS (16 and over)/safeguarding qualification.

Contact Details - refereeing@harpendencolts.com

Referee Charges

West Herts Youth League                       Herts Girls Football Partnership League

U9 & U10 – £15                                 5 ASIDE - £15

U11 & U12 - £22                                7 ASIDE - £20

U13 & U14 - £27                                U12 & U13 - £22

U15 & U16 - £31                                U14 & U15 & U16 - £25      

U18 - £36                                           U18 - £30

How To Check My Status
How to Find the Status of My Ref Qualifications
See attached below link for the simple instructions of how to check:
1) Referee qualified status
2) FA DBS (if Aged 16 or over) status - expires every 3 years
3) Safeguarding Workshop status (if Aged 17 or over) - expires every 3 years
4) Refereeing Registration status. 

How to Check Referee - FA Qualified - FA Registered - FA DBS - FA Safeguarding Status 

For information of how to get an FA DBS (lasts 3 years) or attend an FA Safeguarding Workshop (last 3 years) see Referee Requirements section on this webpage.  If already attended the Safeguarding Workshop and the qualification is expiring (last 3 years) you can recertify online, see Safeguarding web page.

Qualification Requirements - FA Qualified Youth Referee & Level 7 Referee

Point 1 - 10 - Qualifying Requirements to become an FA Qualified "Youth Referee" (Age 14-15) & "Level 7" (Age 16+) are as follows:

Points 6 & 7 & 10 below details how to MAINTAIN your FA Qualified Referee status each season and when reaching 16 then 17 years old

  1. Attain the required standard (120 or more out of 150) with the online pre-course learning
  2. Attend all course dates (3 Day Training (6 hours per day - classroom & outside) ask for more details
  3. Fully participate in the Course and receive feedback from the Course Tutors in any practical exercises that you are involved in
  4. Pass the Laws of the Game test on the last day of the course (minimum requirement 32/42)
  5. Complete The FA Safeguarding certificate if aged 14 - 16 via http://learning.thefa.com)
  6. Complete the Safeguarding Children Workshop if aged 17 and above via https://eventspace.thefa.com/hertfordshirefa/participant/s.aspx?eventlen=55)
  7. Complete The FA DBS certificate if aged 16+.  See DBS On-Line Process.doc and County DBS Verifiers.docx
  8. Complete 5 (9v9 and/or 11v11) Qualifying matches as a referee within 4 months after completing the course.
  9. Attend the Referee final feedback workshop in the evening (where the qualification is awarded)
  10. Ensure each season via Whole Game System you are registered as a referee.

Referee Level / Status
Once registered with the Hertfordshire FA, you are classified as a Trainee referee until you complete the course qualification.
Once fully qualified per 1-8 above, anyone aged 14-15 is re-classified as a Youth Referee and anyone aged 16+ is re-classified as a Level 7 referee.  See the club Referee policy for detail of what games you are allowed to referee based on your age.

Courses can be found on the Herts & Beds FA Website
Herts FA - https://eventspace.thefa.com/hertfordshirefa/participant/s.aspx?eventlen=55 
Beds FA - https://eventspace.thefa.com/bedfordshirefa/participant/s.aspx?eventlen=55